Awesome Online Links to enjoy your free time!

Hey everyone!

Have you ever felt bored like hell? I bet you have, we have all been in the same place. There is an upper limit to enjoyable random browsing of Facebook and Twitter and other social networks.

The following are some of the pages that I have found to be really fun to visit whenever I am bored. Hope this helps!

P.S. Not to be blowing my own trumpet, but, my blog is also pretty amazing. Try visiting it when you are bored.

  1. 9Gag : The ultimate boredom killer. Most of you know this. If you don’t, where have you been? Please open the link!
  2. The Useless Web : This webpage takes you to other random webpages around the World Wide Web. The results are really amusing.
  3. Wild Mood Swings! : So, do you have wild mood swings? Just select the mood you are in, from a huge drop-down list. The website automatically opens up a relevant website. Must try this!
  4. Dots Game : Play the classic dots game online for free!
  5. MentalFloss : As catchy as the site domain seems, this is one hell of a boredom killer for anyone who loves reading about facts.
  6. Factslides :  Do you like Facts? Do you like them presented with great illustrations and animation? If yes, click on the Link now! If not, click anyways, you may change your opinion!
  7. The Oatmeal : This is a website that  makes hilarious comics on topics such as coffee, poop, dinoaurs, cars and cats. the imagination of the author always amazes me.Do check it out!
  8. Earthview by Google : This is a website by Google showcasing the most amazing landscapes captured in high resolution on Google Earth. As an added bonus, you can even download any image you like in HD!
  9. DumpADay : This website is something of a panic button for boredom. It uploads absolutely hilarious pictures daily. Check it out.
  10. Popular Mechanics : This is one of my all time favourites. As the name suggests, this site deals with anything and everything that is a part of your life. The site is amazing and I would definitely recommend visiting it.
  11. Popular Science : This is a sister site of the above mentioned. It deals with all the new discoveries in science and technology and is updated almost daily. If you are into Science like me, you probably already know about this site. If not, head there now!
  12. : This website also makes short comics on Science, Technology, Recent events and Math. The comics are guaranteed to entertain you. Do check it out!
  13. Interfacelift : This is my go-to sight to download awesome user submitted, high resolution wallpapers.
  14. Buzzfeed : The ever popular site where people upload everything from cat videos to pictures of things blowing up. The site even has lists sorted according to the reaction that you will have from the content. Trust me, this website will distract you till eternity once entered.
  15. Cracked : This website is full of stuff such as lists and articles that amazingly (and sometimes awkwardly) grab your attention.
  16. FunnyOrDie : Another great site with videos and images. The cool thing about this website is that users can upvote or downvote the article by declaring it to be Funny or sentence it to death. Its fun, try it!
  17. : This is another site dedicated to making comics. The comics can be either frighteningly hilarious or the exact opposite. Don’t worry, its just cartoony little people.
  18. Distractify : Random fun stuff to distract you. Updated daily.
  19. Pleated Jeans : Another awesome website to while away your time. Contains funny videos, GIFs and pictures. I recommend the “Tumblr gets deep” section.
  20. : This is an awesome website in which the author, Jacob O’Neal explains how certain things work in fabulous animations. Some examples are Doing the moonwalk, guns, etc.

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