A Billion Degrees of Separation

An infographic depiction of the wide range of temperatures existing in the universe.

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Micrometer Screw Gauge

Hello all! The Micrometer Screw Gauge is another well known measuring instrument. It is used to measure the thickness of any object or the external diameters of circular objects. It consists of a hollow cylinder mounted on a U frame. The hollow cylinder leads to a ratchet which is meant for fine adjustment. The U […]

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Vernier Calliper

Hello! Today i will be describing 2 length measuring instruments. The Vernier Calliper is a fairly well known and widely used instrument. It is used to measure the length of objects, internal and external diameters of circular objects and depth of certain objects. The vernier calliper is made up of 2 ‘L’ shaped arms. Each […]

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What is Measurement?

Hello! What is measurement? We usually use measurement as a term in daily life as a factor to judge something. We know that “whatever exists, exists in some amount”. Measurement provides us with a means of describing various phenomena in quantitative terms. Now, there are thousands of things or phenomena that we can measure in […]

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