Martian Infographics

Some amazing detailed and informative pictures of our planetary neighbor!

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Magnifying the Universe!

How big is the universe? What is the smallest thing in the universe? Read more to find out!

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Some Very Bizarre Thoughts about Life

Here are some awesome thoughts that will definitely change the way you think about the magnitude of your existence!

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20th Birthday! :-)

Today is my 20th Birthday! So today marks 20 years of living on this planet. Read more to understand the magnitude of this wonderful cosmic event.

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Hello world!

A big wave and hello to the world! Hi! My name is Chaitanya Sonawala. I’m From Mumbai,India. I am currently 19 years old. I started this blog to open up and express myself to the world. This is my blog on my highly varied interests. Those include engineering, gaming, reading, science and football. This is […]

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