Supersonic Airfoil Design

A short insight into Supersonic Airfoil Design Theory.

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Cavitation is a destructive process that harms rotating parts in fluids.Click to read more!

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Lift theories

This is how an airplane flies. Literally! In this post, I explain the theories behind lift and how they are interconnected.

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Breaking The Sound Barrier

That amazing white cone left behind by a supersonic fighter jet. Ever wondered how and why it happens? Read more to find out!

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Why Does A Cricket Ball Swing?

One of the things that I have always wondered in my life is that why does a cricket ball swing? So, In this post I will try to understand the mechanics of ball swinging and decipher this mystery in the best way possible.

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Fluid Pressure Measurement by Mechanical Instruments

Hi all! Today’s post covers the various mechanical instruments used to measure the fluid pressure. The first type of device is the Bourdon tube pressure gauge. Bourdon tube pressure gauges are extensively used for local indication. This type of pressure gauges were first developed by E. Bourdon in 1849. Bourdon tube pressure gauges can be […]

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Fluid Pressure and its Measurement

Hello all! Today, i will be posting about Pressure in fluids and how it can be measured. Pressure is defined as Force acting per unit area. It is measured in N/sq. m or Pascal. A Fluid is defined as the form of matter which can flow and occupy the free space it is placed in. […]

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