Alien Megastructure on KIC 8462852?

New Developments in the behaviour of mysterious star KIC 8462852!

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A blog post on the significance of the amazing colour: Black.

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Exoplanets are some of the most interesting objects in space. The sheer number of planets discovered is fascinating, but even so if you consider we may live on one, in the near future!

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The Astronomical Dictionary

Yep, it is a big glossary of terms that one hears very often connected to space. Read more to find out!

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How big is the Sun?

Have you ever wondered how big the Sun is? In this post I illustrate how gigantic the Sun is in comparison to the rest of the Solar System!

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New Horizons Mission Update!

Hey everyone! NASA’s New Horizons Missions has just sent back some really awesome high resolution images! Check these out!

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