Supersonic Airfoil Design

A short insight into Supersonic Airfoil Design Theory.

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Rocket Propulsion Systems

A wide variety of Propulsion systems are used in modern rocket systems, from weaponry to spacecraft launches and maneuvering. This post provides a brief classification and overview of modern propulsion systems.

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Lift theories

This is how an airplane flies. Literally! In this post, I explain the theories behind lift and how they are interconnected.

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Aerodynamics 101!

Basics of flight, explained.

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Breaking The Sound Barrier

That amazing white cone left behind by a supersonic fighter jet. Ever wondered how and why it happens? Read more to find out!

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Jet Contrails!

I bet you have seen this whitish trail at the end of a flying airplane! Have you wondered what is that and why does it happen? Read More to Find out!

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Jet Engines

Jet engines are the reason you can fly as high as you can! Read more to find out about how these engineering pinnacles power all forms of aircraft!

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