20th Birthday! :-)

Hi Everyone!

Today is my 20th Birthday! So today marks 20 years of living on this planet.

20 years! That’s a pretty long time. By the way, did you notice that a year is the approximate time it takes for the earth to complete a revolution around the Sun. So, indirectly, your age is the number of times you have been around the Sun!


Some more useless info:

-In 20 years, i have lived for a period of 2005314 days on this planet (adjusted for leap years as well:-)).


-Or, that is 48127536 hours, which comes to 2887652160 minutes, or a staggering 173259129600 seconds, or an even more astonishing 173259129600000 milliseconds! Damn, I feel old!

-The average human heart beats about 72 times per minute. So, over 20 years my heart has experienced 40106280 beats.


-Assuming an average of 10 blinks per minute, my eyes have blinked 288765216 times over 20 years.


-The average human nail growth is 3 millimeters per month. At this rate, my nails would have grown 720 millimeters by now if nail clippers weren’t invented.


-The average hair growth on the human scalp is 1.25 centimeters per month. So over 20 years, my hair would have grown about 300 centimeters or 3 meters!😅

-On an average, Erythrocytes or Red Blood Cells are produced at 2 million new cells per second in the bone marrow. So that amounts to 346518259200000000 RBCs produced over 20 years.


– The average saliva production rate is 0.35 milliliters per minute. That comes to 1010678.256 liters of saliva in my life.

-For an average daily sleeping period of 7 hours per day, I have spent 14037198 hours of my life sleeping. That comes to about 29.167% of my current lifespan which comes to 5.8333 years, just sleeping. Damn!


-The speed of light in vacuum is 299792458 meters per second. So light that would have started its journey at the same time as I would have travelled 51941780333724560 kilometers by now. To put that in perspective, the sun is 15000000 kilometers from the earth.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post!



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